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Pembrokeshire Care Society offers advice, assistance and advocacy to anyone from the age of 16 upwards.

This service assists with housing, welfare benefit and other related homelessness problems.

This service is available by appointment at our main office in Haverfordwest (daily) and also in the outreach advice areas


This scheme allows a person(s) to access accommodation in the private rented sector through the provision of a ‘damage only’ bond guarantee up to a maximum agreed level.

All applicants must be interviewed and assessed before a bond can be considered for our Adult Bond Certificate Scheme.

Other Bond Schemes are available from the Local Authority.


PCS assists not only homeless persons but also those which are threatened with homelessness.

Crisis intervention is a valuable method of working when a person’s accommodation is threatened. This can be for various reasons e.g. illegal eviction, landlord/tenant dispute, rent arrears.

We can provide legal advice or mediation with the relevant individual/organisation, thus hopefully preventing homelessness.

There is a daily Duty Worker available to assist with crisis intervention advice and assistance.


This enables any homeless or threatened with homelessness person(s)  to instant access for a face to face interview with a PCS Advice Worker at the main office.

These warrants are available in all outreach advice areas.

PCS travel warrants are also available to any homeless or threatened with homelessness person(s) to access any other relevant appointment which otherwise they would be unable to make.

This scheme enables travel across the whole of the county via local buses.


The Welsh Government Supporting People Grant (SPG), which is administered by the Local Authority funds this service.

The service provides low level tenancy support across all tenures for all client groups. The service addresses all areas of Housing Related Support, with the aim of sustaining an individual’s capacity to live independently in their own accommodation.

The service is provided as floating support (in own accommodation) or can be surgery based. Referrals can be from any source.


Our comprehensive list of services includes debt advice.

We offer financial assessments prior to securing accommodation, with the aim of considering affordability of a tenancy and management of own finances.

We are also able to advise and assist on debt management.

Dependant on individual circumstances, we are often able to source additional financial aid to assist with gaining or maintaining accommodation.


This is utilised by clients who are moving into unfurnished property and are unable to access assistance from any other source.

Unfortunately due to limited funds, we are only able to assist our clients with items of furniture to allow them a basic standard of living e.g. cooker, bed and seating.


This service enables any homeless (or threatened with homelessness) person(s) to access instant advice & assistance or to arrange an appointment at the main office / outreach centres. Freephone 0800 783 5001.


We are pleased that our expertise in the field of homelessness has been recognised and that successful partnerships have been set up with the following.

Local Authority – Housing

Local Authority – Supporting People

Local Authority – Social Services

Corporate Parenting Team


Out of County Bond Schemes