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Welcome To Pembrokeshire Care Society

PCS is a registered charity (No. 1048218/Companies House No. 3062605) and was founded in 1979. The initial aim was primarily concerned with the resettlement of offenders and PCS successfully managed an employment project and a victim support scheme. The aims and objectives have since altered as PCS now strives to assist all homeless persons with advice, assistance and advocacy to enable them to secure safe and affordable accommodation. Thus alleviating the stress which can lead to other related social problems.

Pembrokeshire Action for The Homeless (PATH) is a forum made up of local statutory and voluntary organisations who all have an interest in homelessness and its related problems. The group meet regularly to discuss, agree and develop strategies, to assist the homeless of Pembrokeshire. PATH evolved from the PASH (Pembrokeshire Action for Single Homeless) forum, which was established by Pembrokeshire Care Society in 1990. The original aim of the forum was to assist only single homeless persons in Pembrokeshire. Since 2002, its services now incorporate all homeless persons and related issues. It was agreed that the forum should change its name and constitution to truly reflect the work now carried out by the forum.

PCS strive to be a forward thinking organisation that is ready and able to change and suit the needs of our service users. Pembrokeshire Care Society assists the homeless (through funding received from various sources) by identifying the issues and to then plan, develop and provide the services to alleviate them.

Homelessness occurs for a variety of reasons and no one is immune. People have presented themselves as homeless to PCS as a result of relationship breakdowns (family, partner, friend or landlord), fleeing abuse, fleeing violence, overcrowding, loss of job with tied accommodation, loss of job and can not afford the rent, change in circumstances that have lead to the repossession of their home, leaving care, leaving prison and a mental health breakdown – this list is not conclusive. Homelessness is a multi faceted problem and often has links with other social and or health related problems. From experience we have learned that without safe, secure and affordable accommodation these other issues can be near impossible to address.

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